Old Garage New Dog Room

On June 9, 2015 by Liz Lee

Old Garage Transformed Into A New Dog Room

Through my pictures and simple words I have tried  to tell you

How we transformation our garage into a Dog Room .

I have been unable to cover ever aspect of this project or the Hard Work that went into this

Hope You Enjoy It …

Well time has come to sort out one Very Messy Garage


Oh What A Mess !!!

Time to say good bye t the Rubbish …

Not forgetting

Little Mousey Brown

Who visits to enjoy the freebie bird food.


A Skip is What We Need …

35 years to be sorted through,

Finding items that you thought might come in use some day never to be used again.

Well after all that hard work of emptying the Garage

We  found the wall!!


Next it was time to cut a door way through the brick work.

We hired a “All Saw” what a supper tool

made this work easy,

It was just time consuming and a little dusty !!!

Now time to cut out the old plasterboard

How exciting.


We can start the makeover with the new access ,

I can now sit and watch this exciting project develop into our …

Very Special  Dog Room .


Electrics, New Fuse Box, Batons, Insulation …

Then to dry line with Plaster Board

Our new room is starting to take shape. 


A timber frame work which we insulated before ply wood walls were built across the garage.

This window …

Will give us lovely day light when the garage door is open.

we intend to replace the garage door later.

When we turn the front half of the garage into a tool store.


After the plaster boarding was completed.

The floor was laid

We used ply wood laid on a damp proof layer.


Oh Wow !!!

No More Dust !!!


A real room I can see.


Laminate flooring

Was laid so now we could bring in the dog beds .

Work top was installed.

What a Beautiful Room.




Time to wall paper.


Our Dog Room

Now Complete.

A beautiful place for the …

Beagles and Humans to Relax.


                                                                                                                                                                           Through my pictures and simple words

                                                                                                                                                                 I have tried  to tell you how we transformed 

Our Old Garage into a Dog Room .

Making Moments

Just For You.


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